Friday, August 11, 2017

A High Risk Activity Spare Cell Can Save Lives

By Jerry White

Plenty of kids are begging their parents to let them have a phone, and if they already have one, they are just begging for a new one. A lot of critics say that these devices in the hands of our youth is detrimental to their brains and is adversely affecting our society. However, almost every can agree that having a high risk activity spare cell is a good idea.

There are so many different events that your child may want to attend. It used to seem relatively safe to just let the kids run wild and have their fun, and not have to worry about their lives being risked. Unfortunately, recent events have made people become more cautious than ever, and having a device like a simple cellular phone can make all the difference.

It is especially important to be safe these days if you are at a concert. This is especially true if you are a child or your child is going to the show unattended. By giving this child a device that allows her or him to get in touch with you or the proper authorities at the touch of a button, they can avoid deadly consequences.

It may be hard to imagine the minds of people who commit acts of terrorism by killing young children. This is what happens in the world today though, and though it can be hard to live in, we must find ways of countering terror to show that we are not afraid. One way to know that your child is safe is to make sure she or he has a phone

You do not have to provide your child with the best iPhone. You will likely find that it is outdated before very long anyway. The best thing you can do for you kid is to get them a practical phone that won't break and has long battery life, and that doesn't have to be expensive.

A lot of kids are into activities that get their adrenaline pumping and give them a thrill. One of these popular and highly dangerous activities that kids love to do especially in the summertime is cliff jumping or diving. While this can be a great thrill when done safely, it can be deadly, and you will want to have a phone with you.

A lot of women carry a taser or pepper spray with them these days. That is because unfortunate, their gender has dealt with a lot of unwanted advancements from men throughout all of history. Besides having these handy weapons for self-defense, a person can also keep herself safe by having a phone to call someone to help.

A lot of people love walking or jogging at night, especially when it is in the summer. When we are getting record breaking temperatures, nobody wants to get out and walk outside under the baking sun. It is important however that when enjoying these evening strolls that any person carries a phone in case of danger because there are crazy people out there.

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