Tuesday, August 8, 2017

7 Young And Successful African Entrepreneurs To Watch In 2017

By David Cox

Africa is a continent on the rise in terms of entrepreneurship. The interesting thing to watch is the place of young minds in this wave that is changing the face of business in Africa. As the world takes note of fast growing brands, the young and incredibly successful African entrepreneurs dominate the front row. Here are some of the young and brilliant minds to watch on the African soil.

Adeniyi Makanjuola is easy to miss in a crowd because of his reserved demeanor. However, this impression is deceptive considering that the Nigerian is making impressive in-loads in energy, oil and gas and financial sector, among others. He is also making forays in aviation, taking the shine from traditional players who were multinationals. His business has expanded to other African countries, Europe and Middle East.

Tanzania is attracting the interest of the world with Jacqueline Ntuyabaliwe, a former beauty queen and musician leading the way. It is remarkable that she is a self styled lady in the furniture industry. Her brand is Molacaho which specializes in afro-centric designs that have the unique Dar touch. The materials are also locally sourced, making the attractive to the local and international market.

Ndijeka Akuyuli Crosby is another Nigerian who has caught the attention of Africa and the entire world. She dominates with her love for art and paintings. Her work captures the mind of the world because it eclectically combines photo transfers, drawing, print making and collage. One of her most famous works was Drone which was originally valued at 300,000 dollars but eventually sold at 1.1 million dollars in 2012.

It was difficult to get people to trust the online market as one methods of buying goods until Fatoumata Ba took over as the marketing executive for Jumia in Ivory Coast. It was launched in 2013 supported by Africa Internet Group. Because of her success, she took over Nigeria and achieved similar success. At a tender age of 29 years she achieved what most brands thought would require decades to actualize.

Can you remember where you were at 25 and how much you were worth? Well, Rupert Bryan, a South African internet entrepreneur was a millionaire. He had a vision which led him to form the ISP-Web Africa at the tender age of 14. This company rose from scratch to turn over in excess of R130 million each year.

DryBath is the brainchild of Ludwick Marishane that would place the Tanzania girl on the map of Africa and the world. His invention hit the market when he was just 17 years. Because of his brilliance, he was recognized by Global Championship of Global Students Entrepreneurs. He is quoted as saying that successful entrepreneurs should never look for encouragement and motivation beyond self.

The elements that define Patrick E. Ngowi as an entrepreneur are industry, intellect and aim for excellence. His brand is Helvetic Group whose seed capital was only 50 dollars. This company was conceptualized at the age of 15 years. Because of his focus on sustainable solutions, he has been recognized by UN and went on to partner with similar minds in US, Europe and China, beyond other African countries. The fast growing brand is now worth more than 8 million dollars.

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