Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Reasons Why Handwoven Silk Scarves Are Timeless Pieces Of Fashion

By David Wright

A scarf is square piece of fabric that people wear for many reasons. This includes cleanliness, fashion, warmth, or due to their religion. It can also be called a mantilla, tippet, or a muffler.

Scarves are available in the market in various shapes, textures, and hues. A popular choice amongst the fashion forward are handwoven silk scarves. These have been around a long time, and have since been in the spotlight due to a certain big time brand manufacturing them as a fashion trend. To those who are unfamiliar with it, here are some reasons why these things are considered to be a timeless piece of fashion.

A scarf is probably one of the most fashionable, yet simplest of accessories. Ever since it was first made years ago, it was and still remains a trend in fashion all over the world. They are considered to be very fashionable because they come in a wide variety of designs that will suit any taste. Some fashionistas wear it as an accessory, while other use it as a focal point in their outfits.

Its durability is also one of its attributes that people find so convenient. Despite being washed countless times and constantly being tugged and pulled when being adjusted, it will still retain its original texture. There are many ways to preserve this further though, such as following the special instructions that is probably attached to its tag. It is also known that handwoven ones made out of silk are one of the most reliable materials.

The problem with most items of clothing is that they only serve one function, or can only be worn in one way. The great thing about scarves is that they can be sported in various ways. They can be worn around the neck to provide warmth, or around the waist as a fashionable belt. Some people will even use it as a handle to their handbags.

It comes in different prices too, but the quality of the silk fabric is not necessarily correspondent to its cost. If you prefer designer ones, then go ahead. To those who prefer not spend too much money, there are plenty available in various on site and online stores. If you cannot find a design that you like, there is always the option of purchasing a plain one and then customizing it yourself. This way, you can be as creative as possible and at the same time own a unique piece.

Scarves can sometimes make or break an outfit. If worn right, it can accentuate and improve an outfit significantly. However, if you choose the wrong print, or color that does not compliment your look then it could look wrong. The key here is finding the right amount of balance. A balanced look will create a long lasting impression and is easier to the eyes.

Due to its popularity, you can find a multitude of designs and patterns. Silk scarves especially have unique prints because of its fabric. Since it is handwoven, the creator can make some interesting patterns as well. Aside from being able to wear it on different parts of your body, there are a plenty of variations on how to wear it as well.

Aside from wearing these yourself, consider giving them to others as a gift to show your appreciation or gratitude. Scarves make great gifts and people often give them as presents to different occasions. The best thing about it is that they are suitable for any occasion, be it a birthday or graduation. Besides, gifting someone else with them will give you an opportunity to bond by sharing a common fashion interest.

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